Monday, April 14, 2014

Art Show!

I found some energy somewhere and packaged up two pieces of my art work to enter into the Pickens County Art Museum annual competition and look what happened!

Pickens County Museum of Art and History

35th Annual Juried South Carolina Artist Competition

Congratulations to all those selected. We hope to see you at our April 26th Reception (6-8, with awards at 7)

Marianne Barnes--Greenville--Longhorns
Eric Benjamin--Greenville--Echo Hawk
Michael Brodeur--Greenville--Blue and Orange Suite #3: Pride
Jamie Campbell--Travelers Rest--Amber Calligraphy Vase
Sharon Campbell--Travelers Rest--Vessel 2014 - 1
Linda Hyatt Cancel--Laurens--a Mother's Glove
Linda Hyatt Cancel--Laurens--Play Free Bird
Katy Bergman Cassell--Greenville--Gastropoda
Katelyn Chapman--Clemson--Sprawl
Philip Cheney--Anderson--Truck at Hagood Mill
Rachel Clark--Anderson--Future of RAV G
Dale Cochran--Easley--Christmas Tree Cabin
Susan Coleman--Liberty--Sapelo Island
Glenda Cooper--Taylors--Rosie
Martha Crampton--Salem--Winter Sun
Jim Creal--Spartanburg--Cat Claws
Jim Creal--Spartanburg--Donnelley Wildlife Management Area: Storm Clouds Gather
Erin Cronin-Webb--Pickens--Home
Yvette L. Cummings--Conway--Neo
Yvette L. Cummings--Conway--Oh, There You Are
Harold Dodson--Pickens--Slab Chair
Tom Ebetino--Greer--Sky Fire
Nathan A. Einstein--Greenville--Soaring Through Rio
Jenni Elledge--Inman--Barnacle Ring
Marty Epp-Carter--GREENVILLE--Dangling Question
Aaron Fields--Taylors--Untitled
Trent Frazor--Pickens--Created
Weston Frazor--Liberty--Olympia
Weston Frazor--Liberty--Socrates
Kate Furman--Greenville--Residue
Steve R. Garner--Simpsonville--Morning Commute
Fred Gilbert--Pelzer--Homer
Jamie Lee Gillespie--Pickens--Table Rock from Papa's Canoe
Dale Hadden--Anderson--Crystal Dragon (Raphael)
Johan Hakansson--Easley--A Time Gone By
Edith Hamblin--Easley--River Town
Leslie Hart--Greenville--Bird In A Cage
Brenda M. Hill--Greenville--Sand Dunes
Sylvia Suzowsky Idelson--Travelers Rest--Big Wheel Bikes, Cape Cod
Annemarie Jacques--Pendleton--A Touch of Orange
J. Michael Johnson--Taylors--Rockabilly
Rebecca Romanek Johnson--Greenville--Rustic ◦ Blue
Shaula Jo Johnston--Easley--Some Glad Morning
Bob Jolly--Rock Hill--Horse Shoe Falls
Bob Jolly--Rock Hill--Mill Town
Bill Jordan--Easley--Paul's Birthday
Peter J. Kaniaris--Anderson--Study for Blue Radiance
Brian S. Kelley--Travelers Rest--Claussen Bakery
Brian S. Kelley--Travelers Rest--Water Tower
Diarmuid Kelly--Moore--I was Just Thinking
Diarmuid Kelly--Moore--The Black Castle (Leigh Linbridge, Ireland)
Patricia Kerko--SUNSET--Sunrise Over Capitola
Lauraette Kirkland --Lexington--The Blue Parrot
Crystal Knope--Greenville--On Adger Street
Lou Koppel--Pendleton--The Spaniard's Guitar
Carol Ann Kronyak--Piedmont--Angst
Carl L. Lane--Clemson--American Beech - Early Spring
Joe Lanier--Greenville--Maria Montessori & Son
Monica Leaning--Salem--Best Friends
Monica Leaning--Salem--Crossroads
Karen Leigh--Greenville--Carniscape # 14
Susan Lenz--Columbia--My Bluegrass Roots
Zane Logan--Inman--Elizabeth
Zane Logan--Inman--Heather
Cynthia Long--Greenville--Bobolink
Cynthia Long--Greenville--Mushroom Triptych
Hamed Mahmoodi--Greenville--Monkey Maze
Karen Maters--Liberty--Eat Your Asparagus
Tracy Metge--Greer--A Singing Bird Will Come
Tracy Metge--Greer--The Day is Done
Kolton Miller--Central--Aristocracy
Donna N. Minor--Monetta--One with Nature
Kathy Moore--Belton--Domestic Goddess (Junk Drawer Series)
Kathy Moore--Belton--Mail Order (Junk Drawer Series)
Richard Morgan--Hopkins--Escape Pod # 13
Lucy Claire Nordlinger--Greenville--Portrait of Artist in December
Terry Trambauer Norris--Easley--Silver Christmas Ball
Ernie Norungolo--Seneca--Quilting Bee
Teddy Pitts--Easley--Doodles
Teddy Pitts--Easley--Doodles for Elliot
Donna Rainey--Easley--Look Outside the Flower Box
Darin Randell--Fountain Inn--Don't Fence Me In
Darin Randell--Fountain Inn--Hillbilly Pl
Jack Rookard--Central--Red, White, Blue
Dwight Rose --Spartanburg--South Beach Parade
Glenn Saborosch--Neeses--Home Grown # 1
Glenn Saborosch--Neeses--Home Grown # 7
Sharon Sanders--Taylors--After the Picnic
John Schaeffer--Seneca--Portrait of Mona Canino
Sara Dame Setzer--Gaffney--Cats Get No Respect 2
Sara Dame Setzer--Gaffney--Cats Get No Respect 3
Larry Seymour--Piedmont--Up a Tree
Patricia Stalb--Central--Bird in Hand
Patricia Stalb--Central--Not For The Timid
Caren Stansell--Greer--Residual
Sharon Stark--Pickens--Mungojerri
Llyn Strong--Greenville--Violet (box & ring)
Tom Supensky--Aiken--Don't Let the Cat Out of the Bag
C. David Tahlmore--Easley--Alien Vision
Doris Turner--Spartanburg--Peacock World
Ali van den Broek--Greenville--Picking Light
Sam Wang--Clemson--After the Fire
Sam Wang--Clemson--Untitled (Dogwoods)
Alan S. Weinberg--Taylors--Teton Surprise
Patrick Welch--Marietta--Who… Me?
Wendyth Thomas Wells--Columbia--Societal Series: Train to No Where
Christie West--Denmark--The Bather
Kathleen Wiley--Walhalla--Chauga River
Kathleen Wiley--Walhalla--Tiger Portrait
Lu Wixon--Greenville--Paris Mountain from Pickens Wildlife Overlook
Travis Wood--Pickens--The Science Farm: Adventures on the Farm
Virginia Yearick--Greenville--Firewater
Timothy Zane / Zanewerks--Greenville--Papilioni

 Hope to see you at the April 26th Reception (6-8, with awards at 7)!!!!

Bird in a Cage


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Had some spare time...

While away for a few days in the Bahamas I had a few minutes to start reading a book and work on a sketchbook! 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

A new chapter in our book of life!

Been a long time since I've been here...been a little busy making a person and getting to know her!  Life has been exciting for us lately at the Hart house!  Our new addition to our family is Lula Mae (almost 3 months...  She is celebrating her first Halloween with big sissy Clarissa (3.5 years) here in this picture!  This year I turn 45 and Scott will turn 53 on his next birthday so we are very blessed to have our little family with such a late start!  We have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!
I have my hands full with these two little girls but loving every minute of it!  My most recent project involves, at the moment, just watching Clarissa and learning from her while she paints and collages.  It is so amazing to see how she creates and reacts to what she makes.  I have learned so much from her, the innocence of a child with paper and paint is so refreshing.  Then we have added oil crayons, markers, glue, glitter, tape and scissors!  New work will start soon once I learn how to make art in a new way!  

Obviously I will NOT be participating in Open Studios this year....not sure when I will get back on that takes a lot of work and a lot of preparation to participate but I have enjoyed it every year that I have done it.  I feel like there are other things out there for me to explore regarding the Greenville art scene and will keep you posted once I find them.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

SpaceCraft Studios! Visit

8 Avondale Avenue
Charleston, SC 29407
Tuesday-Saturday 11:00am - 5:30pm
Inviting makers, inventors, crafters, stitchers, builders, artisans, poets, printers, hackers, optimists, friends, acquaintances, students, nutters, industrialists, sisters, brothers, pranksters, designers, cronies, farmers, entrepreneurs, teachers, critics, hula hoopers, illustrators, cat herders, and astronauts!

 Clarissa loved the space!  She first spotted a gumball machine that they had replaced the gum with treasures!!!!!!  Needless to say, we had to do this several times!


Sewing, knitting, felting, screenprinting, block printing, terrariums, soldering, jewelry-making, paper-making, bookbinding, glass etching, bicycle maintenance, picture framing, costume props, working with el-wire and more.
We offer classes for adults, teens, and children, and we are happy to put together custom crafting events for birthdays, unbirthdays, bridal/hen parties, and teambuilding.
Got a skill to share? We are always seeking instructors to offer a variety of classes. Pitch your lesson plan here.

Upcoming Events:
May 8, 2013 - Hand Embroidery: This ain't your grandma's stitchin' 
May 11, 2013 - SC Etsy Team Meet & Craft
May 15, 2013 - Sewing 101:  The Basics
May 15, 2013 - Kids' Class:  Haiku Gems
May 16, 2013 - Fitted Tuxedo Shirt 

Come make stuff at SpaceCraft!
There are a variety of ways to set up some time at SpaceCraft.
Generally, you’ll need to bring your own supplies. We can’t compete with the big box stores out there with their amazing selections. We can help you source supplies, and we also sell some do-it-yourself kits in the shop.
Crafternaut: $5/hour/person. Work independently on your project at our work tables (no instruction or consultation necessary).
Navigator: $12/hour/person. Work on your project in our workroom with some consultation (includes basic safety training on our equipment).
Mission Specialist: You have a project and need a consultation before getting started. Make a curiosity appointment and we can help you think through the steps and materials needed to accomplish your goals. Curiosity appointments are 20 minutes in length and are $10.
Extraterrestrial Credit: Private event with or without instruction at our studios outside of regular retails hours. Call to discuss.

Open crafternaut time: Tuesday through Saturday, 12pm – 1pm
(Free! Drop in, bring your lunch, and work on your project with us.)

SpaceCraft Studios is a unique blend of a workroom studio and retail shop. The workroom is well-stocked with tools for making things, and is the venue for a variety of types of classes featuring hands-on learning. The retail shop (currently in-store only) sells modern, hand-crafted gifts and DIY kits. The workroom can be rented for private events. Book your crafting time at the workroom. Bring your project and perhaps your lunch, and come make stuff at the shop!
Classes are led by skilled local crafters, stitchers, makers, inventors, builders, and artisans. Examples of adult classes include instruction in textile arts, such as sewing, knitting, crocheting, weaving, felting, etc., as well as screenprinting, terrariums, jewelry-making, paper-making, bookbinding, soap-making, glass etching, bicycle maintenance and repair, picture framing, and more. Classes created specifically for children and custom events are also offered.

 Allison Merrick started SpaceCraft Studios in Charleston in July 2012. She also produces the Google Teacher Academy to help primary and secondary educators from around the globe get the most from innovative technologies. She has been making things her entire life. Her professional experience has spanned such roles as sewing instructor, jewelry designer, web content producer, human resources, marketing, event planner, chocolate shop manager, rockstar handler, and even a mermaid. Allison was recently elected to serve on the board of Lowcountry Local First, and is a member of the MakerBot Advisory Community. She holds a degree in Communication Arts from Louisiana State University where she graduated with honors in 1999. Allison believes in art for art’s sake, and that the magic of making things lies in the process, without regard for perfection of the end product.


During our visit we purchased a few items and really enjoyed looking around the shop at all the delicious stuff hanging around!
Please go by SpaceCraft Studio in Charleston, SC and support local businesses!